4 benefits of installing bollards


A bollard is a short, sturdy post designed to mark the boundaries of an area and serve as a protective barrier. Here are four benefits of installing bollards on a commercial, industrial, or municipal property.


They offer reliable protection

Bollards are typically made of metal or cement and secured in concrete. As such, they can withstand the impact of a vehicle and prevent damage to nearby structures. Bollards are often relied on to stop ram-raiding, a type of burglary in which a heavy car is driven into a storefront, as well as vehicular terrorist attacks.


Additionally, these strong posts can be used to protect a wide range of infrastructure and property from accidental damage. This includes electrical transformers, historical architecture, fuel tanks, government buildings, and more.


They help guide traffic

Bollards are a practical tool for directing vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They can be used to demarcate roadways, prevent illegal parking or restrict access to bike lanes and public squares. In parking lots, bollards help manage traffic flow and prevent parked cars from blocking entrances and exits.


In addition, temporary bollards are commonly used during road construction projects to redirect traffic, indicate road closures and protect worksites.


They keep pedestrians safe

Whether it’s a playground near a sharp bend in the road, an unsafe crosswalk or an outdoor patio on a busy street, bollards are vital to protecting pedestrians from wayward cars and distracted drivers.


Bollards are also used to encourage pedestrians to stay on marked paths along roadways or in parking lots for their own safety. To increase security, bollards can be linked with a chain or illuminated at night.


They serve as ornamentation

Although bollards are primarily installed for security purposes, they can also serve as distinct architectural features. From galvanized and stainless steel to cast iron and composite plastic, these protective posts can be made from a range of durable materials.


There’s also the option to cover bollards with a high-density polyethylene tube. Available in a variety of colours, these covers can be used to add visual intrigue or match the surrounding landscape.


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