Dog kennel

5 Must-haves for dog kennels

Whether you’re a pet owner with one dog or a breeder with many animals, having a safe, secure enclosure for your pups is a must. But constructing the perfect kennel requires considering a number of factors, including the size of your pet(s) and how many animals you have.


A custom-made residential dog kennel can help keep your dog(s) safe and happy right in your backyard. Similarly, for a commercial dog kennel, veterinary clinic or doggy day care, a sound structure is required.

When building an indoor or outdoor enclosure for your dog(s), there are five main factors to consider. They are:

1. Fencing

Chain link fence is the most popular choice. The standard for a free standing enclosure is 6 ft. 

For veterinary kennels or doggy daycares, it’s best to have a tall fence to accommodate a variety of sizes.  

2. Flooring

The floor of an outdoor dog kennel should be grass, pea gravel or large flat stones. Good drainage is essential.

For indoor kennels, non-porous rubber mats and tiles are available, which are easily cleaned and maintained. However, some dogs like to chew on them, so be sure to keep an eye on your pups.

3. Space

A decent-sized dog run will allow your pooches to exercise freely in the fresh air without wandering off.

A spacious kennel is important for the happiness and mental well-being of your animals. If the enclosure is too small, the pups will bark and whine, and some dogs might try to escape by digging or chewing their way out.

4. Shade

For outdoors kennels, be sure to provide a shaded area, as well as a wind break so your dog can relax out of the elements. A dog house is great for this, but you can also simply stretch landscape fabric across the top of the fencing to create a shady area.

5. Entertainment

Dogs need to keep busy. Make sure there are plenty of toys to chew, things to sniff and ways for them to burn off energy. Don’t forget lots of water!

Residential and commercial dog kennel construction in the Maritimes

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