7 reasons to choose an ornamental iron fence

If you want a fence that’s both stylish and functional, an ornamental iron fence is a classic option. Here are seven reasons to choose this versatile fencing option for your property.



Whether you want to keep intruders off your property or young children away from the pool, metal fencing is a safe choice. A robust fence made of galvalume or aluminum is difficult to cut through, and the vertical pickets can make it a challenge to climb.



Today, ornamental iron fence is designed to project the workmanship and elegance of traditional wrought iron fence making it a functional piece of art and an attractive backdrop for almost any property. With added accents such as decorative swirls can embellish a well-landscaped yard and the fences overall charm adds value to your property.



Whether it’s made of galvalume or aluminum, metal fencing is highly resistant to the elements (paint can get damaged easily). These materials can also withstand cold temperatures as well as windy and rainy weather conditions. If properly cared for, an ornamental metal fence will last a long time.


Easy upkeep

Unlike traditional wrought iron fencing todays, ornamental iron fences don’t need to be rigorously cleaned, re-sealed, stained or painted. This makes it a low-maintenance fencing options. If it gets damaged, it can be easily repaired by a professional, by simply replacing the damaged section.


Customizable Options

Suppliers offer a number of different styles and accents to make your ornamental fence unique.



A long lifespan is part of what makes an ornamental iron fence an environmentally conscious choice. If you decide to replace it, the entire structure can be recycled or sold to a scrap metal dealer to be repurposed.


Open concept

The narrow posts and wide gaps between the vertical pickets of most ornamental iron fences allow you to enjoy the perks of a fence without obstructing your view of the environment around your property. If you prefer privacy, an iron fence can be lined with shrubs.


Contact a fencing contractor

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