Installing a fence on a slope

Fencing Options for Sloped Land

When it comes to executing a proper fence installation, a perfectly level ground is ideal. However, many people’s yards have some sort of slope or hill. Thankfully, you don’t have to level your entire property just to gain a boost in security and privacy. At Eastern Fence, we install fences on all sorts of terrain.

Fencing for Uneven Terrain

There are two fence installation methods ideal for hilly or uneven land: sloped and stepped. Here’s what you should know about these two approaches.
  • Sloped. A sloped fence follows the grade of the land. This means that the bottom and top rails are parallel to the ground, but the posts point straight up. Many people prefer this type of fence because it flows well with the land, and has no jarring angles. Because the bottom rail is parallel to the ground, there will be no gaps under your fence. This keeps most pets in, and many other animals out.

Sloped fencing is best suited for land that gradually slopes. However, it’s not suitable for sharp slopes or for land that fluctuates in grade. If your yard rises more than a foot over a six-foot section, it’s too steep for this type of fence.

  • Stepped. This type of fence uses the same type of panel that would be used on flat land. The rails and posts are perpendicular to each other, and each section of fence is attached higher or lower to the post to accommodate the slope. This creates a fence that looks a little like a staircase. Some people like the modular look of this type of fence. 

A stepped fence is more versatile and is easier to install. It’s best for land that fluctuates in grade, or for steeper slopes. However, this installation technique does create some gaps at the bottom. Not only do some people not like the look, the openings also create an escape route for adventuresome pets and an opening for curious critters. These spaces are, however, easy to hide with decorative planters.

Our Experts Can Install a Fence on Almost Any Type of Land
Don’t let the unique features of your property be a limitation when it comes to fence installation or fence replacement. The experts at Eastern Fence can create a sturdy and attractive solution for your residential property, no matter what it looks like. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with a fencing contractor in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.