high-quality chain link fence

The advantages of chain link and the importance of high-quality installation

Weighing the options for your fence replacement? How does inexpensive, elegant and hassle-free sound? With a chain link fence, you can check all these boxes—and a number of others. Here are the pros to getting a chain link fence, as well as the factors to keep in mind when choosing a company for your fence installation.

Why a chain link fence?

There’s a lot to like about chain link fences. Here are five advantages to choosing chain link.

  1. Durability: good chain link fences are made of robust material and are galvanized so as to prevent rust formation.
  2. Affordability: given their lower price and long lifespan, chain link fences are a cost-effective option.
  3. Security: chain link fences are strong and secure and can be built at various heights.
  4. Low maintenance: repairs, repainting, replacement: with a chain link fence, such worries are behind you. Chain link fences last roughly 20 years and typically require little or no maintenance.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: as well as opening up the view beyond your own property, chain link fences allow the beauty of your home and yard to be visible to the outer world—all of this while keeping your property protected. They’re available in a variety of colours, with black being a popular option because of its clean look and the way it blends into any background.

Choosing the best fencing company
To get a top quality chain link fence, you need to choose the right fencing contractor. Here are four things to look for in a fencing company.

  1. Superior materials: make sure the fencing company uses high-quality weather-resistant materials for their fences.
  2. Diverse options: work with a fencing company who can give you the type, height and colour of fence you want. If, say, you’re looking for more privacy, choose a company that offers PVC slats (vinyl slats that partially or fully restrict viewing through the fence).
  3. Fast and reliable installation: look for a company with experience and a good track record. No matter how cheap it is, a poorly installed fence is never a good investment: it’s a blemish on your property and will have a shorter lifespan. 
  4. Warranty: a warranty is a not only a good precaution, it also shows that a company is confident in the work it does and the materials its uses. Look for a one-year warranty at minimum.

Chain link fence installation in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI

If you live in the Maritimes and are looking for a top quality chain link fence, Eastern Fence has you covered. Eastern Fence has been in the fencing business for over 120 years (no, you didn’t read that wrong: we started in Moncton in 1898!). We offer various types of fencing. This includes robust chain link fences that come in a variety of heights and colours and carry a two-year warranty. For all your residential and commercial fencing needs, give Eastern Fence a call!