Security Gates

The advantages of security gates

Adding a security gate to your property is a smarter investment than you might realize. Here’s a breakdown of the main reasons you should consider having one installed.

They offer a high return on investment

A driveway gate can increase your property value, making it easier to sell. The variety of available designs ensures you’ll be able to find one that complements your home’s architecture and landscaping, which will increase its curb appeal. Plus, security gates are effective burglary deterrents. This means you could get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance, saving you money in the long term.

They make your property secure

An obvious advantage of security gates is that they offer effective access control. They keep thieves and vandals out while allowing your family members to come and go. A less obvious advantage is that access control goes both ways: a gate ensures your pets and children will stay safe and won’t venture out on the busy street.

They’re convenient

Automatic gates can be operated remotely, and in some cases even with your smart phone. This makes them much more convenient than manual ones. If someone forgets to close the gate on their way to work in the morning, or if you’re expecting visitors, a simple button press allows you to close or open the gate. You also don’t need to get out of the car to open it when coming home after a long day at work.

They’re safe

Homeowners concerned about safety may be wary of automatic gates. They can present a potential hazard, especially if you have pets or children. But modern models are required to include safety features to minimize the risk of property damage and injury.

Vehicle detectors and photo-eye sensors ensure that the gate will interrupt its operation if there’s something in the way, an audible warning device will alert anyone in the vicinity that the gate is about to start moving, reducing the likelihood of someone being injured. All gates installed with automatic openers must have these safety devices installed in order to be compliant with UL 325.Choosing a scurity gates contractor 

Residential security gates need to be installed by trained professionals who are familiar with UL 325 regulations. Poor installation can result in increased risk of malfunction, property damage, and injury or death. Additionally it is important to choose a contractor who is familiar with the current technology available, including smart phone integration and other ways to improve the access to your property. Call us today at Eastern Fence to ensure you get the high-quality residential fencing solution you need.