Residential fence

What type of residential fence should you choose?

Do you want to enhance your home’s privacy and value or create a safe space for your kids or pets to play? Have you looked at the fences in the neighbourhood, but don’t know which model is best for you? To make your choice easier, the team at Eastern Fence has put together this guide to the four most common types of residential fences.


1- Chain link  

A chain link fence is particularly solid, durable and resistant to all types of weather. Safe and secure, this type of fencing also has the advantage that it requires very little maintenance. However, when used on its own, it offers very little privacy. To shield your yard from view, you may want to add privacy slats between the links.
A standard chain link fence is available in different colours, including black, white, brown, green or galvanized steel. This means it can be customized to match different elements of your home, such as the window frames, the doors or the garden. 


2- Ornamental iron 

Elegant and attractive, an ornamental iron fence is more costly than chain link. However, it’s incredibly durable and can be easily customized thanks to the wide variety of colours, styles and heights available to you.  

3- Wood 

With vertical or horizontal slats, this is a perfect choice for adding privacy to your yard. It’s important to note, however, that a wooden fence needs to be properly maintained. You’ll have to regularly inspect it, perform minor repairs and paint, seal or stain the wood.  

4- PVC 

Solid, durable and refined, a PVC fence has many advantages. It won’t peel, rust or become discoloured and is available in a wide variety of styles, including imitation wood. To properly maintain this fence, simply pressure wash periodically. While upfront cost is more, many appreciate the low maintenance and longevity of the product.

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