High-Security Fence & Gate Systems

For some industries, keeping a perimeter locked down is a desirable protection measure, and for many other facilities, it is a necessity. When it comes to safety, why take chances? Eastern Fence supplies and installs safe, durable security fence products throughout the Maritimes to meet today’s high-security demands. As Canada’s oldest manufacturer of fences, our reputation as a trusted security provider stands as tall as our barriers.

Dependable High-Security Fencing and Gate Automation

Whatever your security fencing needs, we complete highly specific and unique projects with unparalleled expertise. Throughout our 100+ year history, we have equipped airports, ports and shipyards, military facilities, and correctional institutions with the gates and barriers necessary to guarantee against a breach. Rest assured that our team has the ability to meet your strictest requirements. When it comes to safety, we leave no detail overlooked.

Our resistive heavy-duty fencing products include:

  • Industrial security fence
  • High security wire mesh
  • Anti-climb fence
  • Barbed tape concertina (razor wire)
  • Maze barbed tape (razor ribbon)
  • Anti-crash gates
  • Security gates
  • Security gate systems

Seal It Off

Industrial fencing has several important uses: to hold intruders who will steal from or vandalize your property at bay, to keep prisoners contained, and to prevent people and animals from wandering into unsafe areas of your facility. Our high-security wire mesh fences provide an efficient barrier while remaining discreet and vandal-resistant.

But what if you really don’t want people scaling your perimeter? Our anti-climb fencing makes it next to impossible to gain a foothold, and the minimal spaces in the mesh make it difficult for cutting tools to work within the minimal spaces.

Top It Off

Yes, it’s true: barbed tape concertina (razor ribbon) and maze barbed tape are designed to rend clothing and flesh, and they slow down anyone attempting to climb a fence, thereby giving security personnel extra time to intervene. Moreover, these solutions are designed as a psychological deterrent, to prevent such ugly scenarios from happening in the first place: most people, on instinct, are averse to being cut, and won’t want to go anywhere near a strip or ring covered in razors.

Besides the physical and psychological security features, barbed tape is a versatile invention with several advantages. It can be placed on top of traditional fences or concrete walls. It is inexpensive to install and maintain, as well as portable: you can move, reuse, and recycle barbed tape effectively. In other words, barbed tape is cost effective. It’s relatively easy to install, saving you money on labour, and is, by itself, an affordable solution for minimum security applications.

Get It Gated

With all the high-security fencing installed around your perimeter, you’re going to need a method of moving people and/or vehicles in and out. To facilitate your safe passage, we provide security gates and fully-automated security gate systems. Whether you require a turnstile for crowd control or a sliding steel gate for allowing vehicles in and out, we have the know-how to meet your needs.

Galvanized metal gates withstand severe weather conditions, harsh industrial cleaners, and chemicals. They are rust-resistant and sturdy enough to hold stress without cracking. In the long term, galvanized metal is cost-effective, as it reduces the need for maintenance and replacement. Their shape is customizable to your aesthetic preferences and security needs. For maximum security, you will want to install a fully-automated security gate system: whereas manual systems tend to remain open due to negligence and inconvenience, automated systems allow you to control the mechanism without leaving your vehicle, increasing your personal safety and the safety of your facility.

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